Thank you to everyone

Posted on January 8, 2012


It hasn’t even been a week and i’ve received over 1000 page views. I honestly never expected so many visits to the blog this early. To those that may now frequently visit the site I’d like to give you my outlook on some of the things to expect on the blog over the next week:

Monday: A look into to Tom Brady’s recent playoff struggles

Wednesday: A strong look at what happened in the last Denver-New England game

Wednesday: Looking into the Patriots three game losing streak in the playoffs and wondering if there is a common theme.

Thursday: Keys to victory for the Patriots this time around.

Friday: Picks for all of the playoff action this upcoming weekend.

Saturday: Morning check in thoughts, thoughts on inactive players, a quarter by quarter analysis, post game reaction and player of the game pick and poll. Be sure to follow Everything Titletown on gamenight!

Thanks to everyone again for your support and continue to enjoy as I continue to work on improving and making your experience on my blog that much more enjoyable!

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