Analysis: McDaniels returns to Patriots… Immediately

Posted on January 7, 2012


The New England Patriots have rehired Josh McDaniels according to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter. According to the report McDaniels has been hired immediately as an offensive assistant and in all likelihood will be named the offensive coordinator for the 2012 NFL season when Bill O’Brien flees to Penn State.

McDaniels brings immediate insurance to the Patriots should O’Brien not be able to focus 100 percent on Patriots’ related work. McDaniels’ knowledge of the offense, rapport with Tom Brady and relationship with many of the offensive players and coaches for the Patriots should make his transition back to New England just in time for the team’s playoff game seamless.

With national signing day Feb. 1 for college football, and the Patriots potential Super Bowl matchup just four days later, O’Brien could be facing major conflictions should the Patriots continue to advance in the playoffs. While it would be unrealistic to see McDaniels take over a significant role, he could come in handy as a helping hand to ease the workload on O’Brien.

It’s for these reasons Bill Belichick decided to rehire McDaniels. Belichick has shown hesitation in the past when it comes to bringing back some of his old assistants. Charlie Weiss, Romeo Crennel and Eric Mangini name of a few of the notable helping hands that haven’t been asked to come back to Foxboro. McDaniels was likely brought back because no bridges weren’t burnt since he left, not to mention the Patriots are in a pinch and needed to find someone to replace O’Brien with no feasible option in-house. McDaniels’ return is big news in Patriots’ land and fans are excited that he’s back.

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